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We Don’t Watch Much TV

We Don’t Watch Much TV

Ever struggled with mental health and found traditional therapy just isn't cutting it? Join us as we share our personal journey with OCD and discuss how we found the right path for our mental wellbeing. We also delve into the fascinating world of Bitcoin, ancient pyramids, and the Earth's electromagnetic field, offering insights and intriguing theories that will have you hooked. Our love for nostalgic shows like Cobra Kai and Karate Kid takes center stage, as we explore the importance of teaching good sportsmanship to our kids, while also reminiscing about the competitive nature of our own family. We even dive into the world of classic board games like Class that have quickly become a favorite in our household. And as we face an increasingly uncertain world, we touch on the importance of being prepared for natural disasters, discussing self-sufficiency and ensuring our safety in times of crisis. Whether it's setting up a home office, discussing our favorite songs or sharing our thoughts on the Mars Rover mission, there's something for everyone in this engaging and informative episode. So tune in and join the conversation as we navigate the complexities of life, mental health, and everything in between.
(00:02:17) How did you know you had OCD?
(00:19:56) Bitcoin and its value
(00:29:11) Nostalgic shows that should be brought back
(00:36:25) Playing board games with magnets and competitive kids
(00:37:10) Competitive family dynamics during game night
(00:38:18) Being competitive in games and the reactions it can cause
(01:06:22) CMFT must be stopped by Corey Taylor, tech 9, and kid bookie.
(01:07:49) Going through our top 20 top songs.
(01:08:20) Must-haves for a home office setup.
(01:15:30) Discussion about the Mars rover.
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Unfiltered Union
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