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Theme Parks, Tipsy Parties, and Trolls

Theme Parks, Tipsy Parties, and Trolls

Do you ever feel as though there's an unholy alliance between theme parks and your wallet? How about when you're trying to navigate the labyrinthine world of Disney's new Genie Plus lightning lane system while nursing a mild case of Amazon packaging anxiety? Join us as we share our rollercoaster ride of an adventure at Disney World and discuss the various bumps along the way. As parents, nothing beats the joy of seeing your child's eyes widen in awe as they meet their favorite princess at Disney's Magic Kingdom. However, the magic fades slightly when you're facing the daunting queues. 

We also venture into the chaos and excitement of the holiday season, sharing our woes about potential gift spoiler alerts thanks to Amazon's packaging system. And now, for something completely different - let's talk about alcohol, company events, and the boundaries that sometimes blur. It's the season of holiday parties, and we've all had our share of embarrassing moments. We break down the hilarious and mortifying things that can happen, all while dissecting the thin line between fun and liability. 

In a twist, we also delve into the world of social media clout chasing, exploring its impact on individuals and the community. Join us on this wild ride as we navigate the highs and lows of Disney, holiday season, company parties, and the impact of social media. ---
(00:00:01) Alcohol at company holiday parties
(00:23:03) Liability and consequences of alcohol at company parties
(00:29:38) Opinions on alcohol at company holiday parties
(00:32:39) Embarrassing dancing at work events
(00:33:43) People stumbling or falling
(00:33:52) Shoes removed at parties
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