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The Crucial Role of Food in Our Lives: A Conversation with Justin Bizzarro

The Crucial Role of Food in Our Lives: A Conversation with Justin Bizzarro

In this episode of Unholy Union, our guest Justin Bizzarro dives deep into the world of food and entrepreneurship. We explore topics like the responsibility humans have towards animals, the impact of sugar on our health, and the current state of the food industry. Justin sheds light on the need for sustainable farming practices, the importance of knowing where our food comes from, and why supporting local food systems is crucial. Justin also shares his personal journey as an entrepreneur from a young age, sharing valuable insights and lessons learned along the way. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of food and business with Justin Bizzarro. Don't miss it!
Guest info:
Justin Bizzarro
Serial Entrepreneur. World Traveler. Grower of Humans. Positive Pollinator. 
(00:00:01) Introduction to the podcast
(00:00:06) The guest's background and accomplishments
(00:02:04) The guest's early experiences in entrepreneurship
(00:06:04) The guest's drive and motivation for success
(00:08:17) The guest's definition of success
(00:15:51) The biggest struggle for the American consumer regarding food consumption
(00:25:53) The influence of corporations and lobbying on the food industry
(00:35:55) The importance of diversity in food consumption
(00:42:59) The importance of living in harmony with the world
(00:43:35) The impact of food choices on animals and the environment
(00:45:00) The need to diversify our diets and eat locally sourced food
(01:24:24) Diversifying your diet
(01:24:43) Nutrients from pasture grazed cows
(01:25:12) Inviting the guest back
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