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Surviving the War Within: A Veteran’s Journey to Healing and Hope - The Inspiring Story of Mandy Stingis

Surviving the War Within: A Veteran’s Journey to Healing and Hope - The Inspiring Story of Mandy Stingis

In this episode of Unholy Union, Lindz and Russ sit down with guest Mandy Stingis, a resilient army veteran, mom, mental health advocate and Penn State alum. Mandy shares their journey from growing up in a family-owned restaurant to attending culinary school and facing personal challenges upon returning from deployment. She discusses her struggles, overcoming mental health issues, having faith, and finding support in her community. Mandy also delves into her time in Afghanistan, the impact it had on her life, and the importance of being part of meaningful organizations. Tune in as she touches on topics such as resilience, self-discovery, and the power of community.
Guest Info:
Mandy Stingis

No, she won't do your taxes. But she will challenge you to a push-up competition any day of the week. She is a Penn State Graduate who started her academic career online while serving overseas in Afghanistan. She served in the PA Army National Guard for 6 years as a supply & petroleum specialist for an Apache Helicopter Aviation Unit & a Military Police Unit later in her military career. She joined Wolters Kluwer as a tax analyst in 2022 and has spent the majority of her career doing trust and estate tax preparation. She enjoys kayaking, biking, and going to the gym. She volunteers with the Lady Scouts, Penn State Shenango Alumni Association, and Grace Chapel Community Church. She is happily married and has a five-year old daughter, Noelle who keeps them on their toes. 
Mandy's Facebook page
@mandy.renee_87 on Instagram
(00:00:21) Introduction of special guest Mandy Stingis
(00:01:12) Discussion about accomplishments and perseverance
(00:02:20) Discussion about opening up about personal experiences
(00:09:07) Discussion about joining the military and the challenges faced
(00:19:08) Discussion about seeking help for mental health issues
(00:26:51) Discussion about career background and culinary experience
(00:31:55) Discussion about physical fitness and its impact on mental health
(00:39:45) Discussion about community involvement and giving back
(00:41:59) Involvement in the community
(00:43:23) Enjoying being busy
(00:43:40) What to do with $10,000,000
(00:46:47) Favorite thing to do
(00:48:14) Craziest thing about Florida
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