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Reverend Katie O'Dunne: Faith, OCD, And The Marathon Of Mental Health

Reverend Katie O'Dunne: Faith, OCD, And The Marathon Of Mental Health

Venture into the heart of vulnerability and faith in this enlightening episode of Unholy Union. Lindz and Russ sit down with Reverend Katie O'Dunne, a beacon of hope for those entwined in the struggle between obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and their spiritual beliefs. Katie, the founder of Faith and Mental Health Integrative Services, shares her intimate journey from the crippling grip of undiagnosed OCD to becoming a champion for evidence-based treatment within faith traditions.

As a chaplain grappling with the paradox of her own mental health and her role as a spiritual guide, Katie's story unveils the harsh realities of religious stigma against mental illness and the liberating path to reclaiming one's faith through acceptance and therapy. They discuss the nuances of religious scrupulosity, the subtype of OCD that entangles the devout in a web of fear and compulsion, and the challenge of distinguishing devout practices from the disorder's deceptive whispers.

Katie's dual identity as an ordained minister and an advocate for OCD awareness sheds light on the critical need for culturally sensitive approaches to treatment. She emphasizes the power of "sticking with the ick" – embracing the discomfort of intrusive thoughts to move towards healing and personal values.

In a turn towards the extraordinary, Katie reveals her ambitious quest: tackling 50 ultramarathons to raise funds and awareness for OCD treatment—one state at a time. Her upcoming iOS app, "Stick with the Ick," promises to be a sanctuary for those seeking support in their darkest hours.
Whether you're seeking solace in spirituality, battling the shadows of mental health, or simply yearning for a story of triumph over adversity, join Lindz and Russ for a conversation that transcends the boundaries of mind and spirit.---Guest Info:Reverend Katie O'Dunne

(00:02:08) Reverend Katie O'Dunne shares her personal journey with OCD and how it led her to her work in faith and mental health.
(00:09:42) The stigma of mental health in religious communities and the importance of seeking treatment.
(00:19:14) The challenges of navigating ERP therapy within religious practices and finding a balance between discomfort and disrespect.
(00:42:27) Discussion about the upcoming iOS app for faith in OCD
(00:43:26) Importance of running toward one's values
(00:45:06) What Katie would do if they won $10,000,000
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