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Psychedelic Journeys: A Path to Self-Discovery and Healing - Elias Moskona

In this episode, we delve into a fascinating discussion with our guest, Elias Moskona, who generously shares his personal journey of self-discovery and mental health improvement through the lens of psychedelics. Elias opens up about his experiences and the profound impact psychedelics had on his well-being.

We explore the nuanced topic of using psychedelics for therapeutic purposes, discussing the benefits and considerations involved. Our conversation highlights the crucial elements of set, setting, and integration in creating safe and meaningful psychedelic experiences.

Together, we address the stigma surrounding psychedelics, the legal landscape, and the promising potential they hold in revolutionizing mental health treatment. We stress the importance of responsible use and the necessity of professional guidance when embarking on such transformative journeys.
Guest Info:
Elias Moskona

Growing up in a conflictive household in Venezuela, life always felt safer in my own head. When I left my home to study abroad, I did not realize that along with my belongings, I was bringing with me invisible wounds of trauma, and all the coping mechanisms I had learned as a kid. It took a miserable college experience, moving countries again, a marriage and a divorce, a wonderful therapist and my discovery of psychedelics as tools for mental health, for me to start piecing together the puzzle that held the answers to who I was. Today I can say that putting in the effort to find myself was the single most meaningful decision of my life, and I reap the benefits of it on a daily basis.

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(00:00:28) Introduction to the Unfiltered Union podcast and guest, Elias Moscano, sharing his transformative journey with psychedelics for mental health improvement.
(00:08:29) Discussion on the importance of therapy in mental health journeys and the decision to seek therapy for addiction and behavioral challenges.
(00:14:36) Exploration of the use of psychedelics in mental health, pronunciation of the business name 'Curasane,' and the significance of set, setting, and integration in psychedelic experiences.(00:32:05) Analysis of the impact of psychedelics on self-discovery, decision-making, and personal growth, emphasizing the need for openness and responsible facilitation.
(00:43:10) Discussion on the decriminalization of psychedelics in certain states, the potential benefits of psychedelic coaching for various individuals, and considerations for safe and effective psychedelic experiences.

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