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Unfiltered Union
Nerds and 9 Year Old Frenemies

Nerds and 9 Year Old Frenemies

In this episode of Unholy Union, hosts Lindz and Russ share their experience with installing solar panels, only to receive an unexpected amendment and face challenges with the solar company. They caution listeners about the importance of thorough research before committing to solar agreements. The conversation shifts to a lively discussion of Call of Duty's "Zombies" mode and their Spotify top songs of 2023, revealing surprising music preferences.
The hosts also delve into a thought-provoking conversation about medication mishaps, exploring the grey areas of responsibility in a pharmacy error and the potential repercussions. They close the episode with candid reflections on digital ownership, the impact of competitive children, and differing opinions on the Netflix anime series "Blue Eyed Samurai" and the show "Invincible." Join Russ and Lindz for a candid and insightful discussion about solar power, video games, music, medication mishaps, and compelling TV shows.
Ernest B.

(00:00:21) Introduction to the podcast
(00:00:29) Competitiveness among children
(00:02:02) The challenges of parenting
(00:06:22) A story about a pharmacy mix-up
(00:22:46) Discussion about the anime series 'The Creator'
(00:26:57) Discussion about the anime series 'Blue-Eyed Samurai'
(00:32:59) Discussion about the TV series 'Invincible'
(00:34:40) Release schedule of a TV show
(00:35:27) Changes in a TV show adaptation from the comic
(00:36:13) Review of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
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Unfiltered Union
Unfiltered Union
Unfiltered Union is like eavesdropping on your coolest neighbors! Russ and Lindz, from Tampa, Florida, are the opinionated (but always entertaining) couple next door, bringing you lively discussions about today's hottest topics. Get ready to learn a little more, laugh a lot, and maybe even form your own opinion!