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Mastering the Mind: Phoebe Pierpoint’s Blueprint for Peak Performance

Join us as we explore the intersection of business strategy and personal well-being with Phoebe Pierpoint. She shares her compelling story and insights into how mindset can be the most potent tool in your entrepreneurial arsenal. If you're ready to take back control of your time and energy, this episode is your blueprint for success. 

Guest info:
Phoebe Pierpoint
Phoebe is a mindset and peak performance coach that helps entrepreneurs take back their time and energy to start enjoying their life & business again. After spending a decade working her way up through nearly every role in business to operating 7-figure companies, she found that business strategy is only about 10% of the recipe for success. The other 90%, that is often overlooked, is tied to mindset. Her methods blend business growth strategies, mindset work, and self-mastery practices that lead not just to growth in business, but in all areas of life. Website
(00:00:01) Introduction to The Unholy Union
(00:00:21) Introduction of guest Phoebe Pierpoint
(00:00:41) Phoebe's career journey and health crisis
(00:40:14) Passion for traveling and learning languages
(00:40:48) Getting a doctorate in metaphysics
(00:40:55) Interest in hiking and skiing
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