Unfiltered Union
Unfiltered Union
Life and Work, In That Order

Life and Work, In That Order

Russ and Lindz discuss workforce buzzwords, a four day work week, PTO and mental health. Everything leads to the same conclusion that family comes first.
(00:00:27) Introduction to the podcast
(00:00:32) Organizing life and discussing work
(00:00:54) Buzzwords and keywords related to work
(00:01:50) Quiet quitting and the great resignation
(00:02:54) Quiet firing and quiet hiring
(00:03:36) Mutual flexibility and work-life balance
(00:05:03) The market's shift and the potential impact
(00:08:57) Unlimited PTO and its implications
(00:12:39) The 4-day work week and its adoption
(00:19:43) The culture of overworking and its impact on mental health
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Unfiltered Union
Unfiltered Union
Unfiltered Union is like eavesdropping on your coolest neighbors! Russ and Lindz, from Tampa, Florida, are the opinionated (but always entertaining) couple next door, bringing you lively discussions about today's hottest topics. Get ready to learn a little more, laugh a lot, and maybe even form your own opinion!