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Florida Man in a Hamster Wheel, Country Music and Debt

Florida Man in a Hamster Wheel, Country Music and Debt

Jump aboard the rollercoaster of Florida's peculiar headlines, from bounty hunting for invasive fish species to hamster wheel Atlantic crossings, in this jam-packed episode. Russ and Lindz also offer a comparative analysis of the travel experiences at Florida's airports, with an amusing sidetrack about the trials of airport parking. The discussion then takes a twangy turn as they marvel at an independent country musician's success without a record label, and wrap up with some practical nuggets of wisdom about managing personal finances. Listen in for an episode filled with bizarre wildlife, busy airports, catchy country tunes, and some pretty unusual personal finance tips. It's all served with a generous helping of laughter and a side of the eternal question - is the cheaper flight really worth the parking hassle?
(00:00:01) The Unholy Union podcast introduction
(00:00:30) Discussion about delays and weekly updates
(00:01:35) Discussion about Florida being a crazy state
(00:03:15) Discussion about FWC Fish and Wildlife Research
(00:04:23) Discussion about bounty hunting in Florida
(00:06:19) Discussion about hurricanes and storm surge
(00:07:45) Discussion about hurricane preparedness
(00:11:22) Discussion about updates to Orlando airport
(00:19:00) Discussion about best employers in Florida
(00:26:34) Discussion about Oliver Anthony's success and CMA nominations
(00:30:09) Discussion about Oliver Anthony's refusal of offers
(00:32:10) Discussion about the potential earnings of a musician
(00:32:43) Conversation about the dislike of seasonal changes and living in Florida
(00:38:00) Explanation of the Dave Ramsey method for getting out of debt
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