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Coral Restoration and Conservation: Summer Collins on Saving Marine Ecosystems

In this episode of Unfiltered Union, Summer Collins dives into her passion for coral restoration and the importance of mentorship through paid internships. The discussion covers the threats to coral reefs, such as climate change and microplastics, as well as efforts to protect ocean ecosystems. Russ and Lindz also explore consumer and corporate roles in tackling plastic pollution and highlight Summer's upcoming wildlife trip to Costa Rica and her science communication projects.

Guest Info:

Summer Collins

Writer/Science Communicator/Marine Biologist/Ocean Advocate

My background prior to becoming a coral biologist is microplastics research and sea-turtle rehabilitation. After relocating to the keys, I have had the opportunity to be on the forefront to restore our local reefs while also running a science communications page, publishing my first book, mentoring marine science students, and now hosting wildlife trips worldwide. My passion is inspiring future marine scientists and sharing my knowledge of our oceans.

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