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Concrete and Two Buckets

Join Russ and Lindz on this episode of Unfiltered Union where they dive into everything from the crazy housing market and the struggles young folks face today, to deep chats about mental health and some pretty wild ideas about what to do for their funerals. They also get into a heated debate over Taylor Swift's Florida song, share funny gator stories, and tackle the pros and cons of renting vs. buying a home. Plus, hear about Russ’s amusing sunburn remedies and their quirky thoughts on surviving Florida's heat. It's a mix of serious talk, laughs, and a bit of everything in between. Don't miss it!  
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Unfiltered Union
Unfiltered Union
Unfiltered Union is like eavesdropping on your coolest neighbors! Russ and Lindz, from Tampa, Florida, are the opinionated (but always entertaining) couple next door, bringing you lively discussions about today's hottest topics. Get ready to learn a little more, laugh a lot, and maybe even form your own opinion!