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Cable Snipping & Pancake Flipping to Running the Whole Thing - Chris Johnson of Canopy Road Cafe

Cable Snipping & Pancake Flipping to Running the Whole Thing - Chris Johnson of Canopy Road Cafe

In this episode of Unholy Union, Lindz and Russ are joined by guest Chris Johnson, who shares his journey in the restaurant industry and his experiences as a business owner. Chris started working in restaurants at a young age, gradually working his way up from the floor to management. He shows a strong work ethic and a desire for growth, both in the industry and personally. Chris also shares an intriguing side gig he had, retrieving cable boxes for customers who hadn't paid their bills. The episode explores the challenges of opening a new location, customer retention, and the importance of creating a sense of family within the restaurant. Chris also discusses his future plans, including franchise options and continuing to promote from within. Listeners can expect valuable insights into the restaurant industry and the mindset of a successful entrepreneur.
Guest info:
Chris Johnson
(00:00:01) Introduction to the podcast
(00:01:42) Interview with Chris Johnson and his background
(00:11:33) Chris Johnson's start in the restaurant business
(00:20:05) The inspiration behind the name Canopy Road
(00:28:31) Crazy customer stories
(00:30:31) Crazy guy with a machete on the back patio
(00:32:29) Challenges of running a small business during the pandemic
(00:49:56) Struggles with hiring due to government handouts
(01:00:14) Hobbies and interests outside of work
(01:21:02) Love for reading and music
(01:24:02) Projects and tinkering in the garage
(01:28:45) Generational differences
(01:29:38) Gen X Tavern
(01:31:01) Managing stress and anxiety
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